What is SSL security with web hosting?

SSL security is a way to guarantee confidential information and data protection from third parties.

Web hosting is a service that offers a computer on the Internet to users. It usually requires users to purchase a server to store its data. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which means the way your connection is protected. If a website uses SSL security, the user is assured that data sent during the connection travels securely over the Internet. Only it’s relevant to web hosting.

SSL security is the processing of Web traffic over an SSL encrypted channel. This means that data sent between your client and the site will be secure, protecting both the server your data is stored on and yourself when accessing that data.

SSL is a data encryption and data authentication system. It provides a higher level of security for sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords and bank account information. Encryption assures that your clients' data is encrypted before being sent to the server and decrypted upon receipt by clients.

SSL security is the protection of sensitive data through encryption. With SSL you can specify which IP addresses or hosts should be allowed access to your server, as well as define how much data they can view at once.

SSL security is what web hosting providers use to encrypt data during transfer to and from clients’ browsers. With the added encryption layer, your website visitors will remain more secure. SSL certificates must be generated before enabling the feature on your server’s dashboard; otherwise, it won't work for the web server running WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

SSL is an acronym for secure sockets layer, which refers to a security protocol that encrypts and verifies data as it moves between a client (such as your web browser) and a server. The SSL security protects the financial data of your website by encrypting and decrypting it immediately before it reaches the Internet. As such, now your visitors can not see what information you have about them, their personal details and credit card details. Once they connect to the server over SSL, all information traveling from computer to computer is encrypted so that only you and the administrators can read it.