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Terms Of Services


When you send us the money with paypal or any payment method to start any project that mean you accept and agree all this conditions of our contract (AJ)

1-50% money refund for any project ( Great experience with all my clients and they never ask me for refund because all the services is 100% satisfaction)

2-Before starting .. You must pay 50% of the project amount then you complete the rest with deadline time when the project finished

3-The hosting and the domain name is free for 1 year only + SSL certificate

4-The client must respect the finished deadline period

5-The client can't change the design for free when the project delivred and he complete all revisions

6-After the guarantee period we are not responsible for any problem in the project

7-The client must send real personal information we are not responsible for any fake personnel information

8-The client privacy and information are secured with us

9-We are not responsible if the client was hacked because he don't know how to secure the website / or he not follow our steps and advices of security

10-The client must know any work after the revision period is a maintenance job and he must pay the AJ Agency

11-The Guarantee period is for fixing problems in the website only Not to add/remove pages and article or plugin... Not changing the web design

12-Updates for design or all plugins will added manually by AJ Agency in the guaranteed period for free

13-All our designs and plugins + extensions is licensed by AJ Agency

14-Maintenance service package for free only in the guaranteed period

15-if the client is friendly with us we will add extra bonuses in the project

16-if the client chat with no respect , we will cancel the project with no money refund

17-The client must follow all instructions about AJ Agency strategy of security

18-if the client order a big project , we can add 3 days for delivery time

19-Every client have 3 revisions in the all guaranteed period (12 month) only to add/remove fixing anything in the website

20-if the client need to add/remove pages and articles or plugins, modify design or change it... Client must buy the maintenance package service by AJ Agency

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