What will we offer you in this free service?

1-Building Full Blog Or Ecommerce website with design and coding ( AJ Gift )

2-Responsive website design for Desktop and mobile/tablet.. By AJ Agency

3-Create sections for your blog and show them in the main menu for free

4-Design a logo for free and upload it to your blog

5-Free Favicon Design and upload it to your Blog

6-Configure the most important host server settings for your blog for free

7-Install the most important plugins and adjust their settings for free

8-Activate your site's SSl certificate to make your site https.

9-Contact form + social shares + speed optimized

10-A detailed plan to manage your blog for the first 6 months (SEO Strategy)

11-Writing 5 high-quality and exclusive articles with pictures for your blog for free

12-Duration of service delivery (3 working days )

13- 2 Month free support

'' NOTE : We do not receive any money from you.. All features is for free ''

How do I get these free services?

1-Register with our Partner Interserver hosting for 1 YEAR (CLICK HERE)

2-Interserver will mail all the data and info to you...

3-Send your hosting data to the following email:  aj@aymenjerbi.com

4-Or click on my email above.. Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V your hosting data and click send

5-Within 3 working days, we will deliver your site to you with all the free features mentioned above

NOTE: I recommend this tool to secure your website from viruses and hackers, SUCURI our partner is perfect and You can read my review article for more information, Thank You.

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Important questions :

Is there any money required of me other than buying the hosting?

-NO... Just buy hosting from our Partner Interserver, and we will provide you with all the service features for free.

What is the hosting price?

-Most likely hosting will cost you around $50 - $60.

There are any review for the hosting partner Interserver ?

-Yes I have review about the great hosting Interserver CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW

Will you provide us with really exclusive web design script ? This is too expensive !! ?

-Yes I will help you.. I build many website scripts and you will take one of them like a gift

Will you provide us with really exclusive articles? This is too expensive !!

-Yes, we will provide you with 5 articles in any language for free. Exclusive articles 100% SEO-compliant and targeting good keywords that we extracted from Ahrefs tool.. In addition to the presence of exclusive photos inside the articles.

Important Notes !!!

-You must buy the web hosting InterServer from our links on this page only to get all features for free and the secure tool SUCURI is optional but I recommend it a lot. Thank You

The Package is a Gift By Aymen Jerbi

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