What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service provided by companies to provide a space on the Internet.

Web hosting is the service that a web server provides to its customers. It allows sites and applications to be managed as well as accessed from other devices such as smart phones, tablets and personal computers.

Web hosting is a service that allows users to upload their websites, design them and add additional features, then enable others to access these sites.

Web hosting is the process of storing and facilitating the transfer of web pages so that they can be viewed through the Internet or World Wide Web. The physical locations where web hosting is done are referred to as web servers, while the server software that runs on that hardware is called a web server program or sometimes a web server. The term "web hosting" has diversified over time, since more advanced technologies have been implemented and the expectations of users have changed significantly over time

Web hosting is the process of managing and maintaining a network of computers and communications devices used to allow website content to be accessed from an external source.

Web hosting is a service that provides computer servers to users over the Internet. A web host manages your email and database, provides technical support, and most importantly keeps your site online when you’re not able.

Web hosting is the process of providing a location for websites, web applications or virtual servers that are accessed over the Internet. Hosting companies provide multiple hosting services such as guaranteed bandwidth, shared servers and software installation. A web host may charge a monthly fee or an annual one.

Web hosting is the act of keeping a computer program on a server that is available to other users through the internet. This software will be centralized and will always have access to the same data, regardless of where it is located.