What is a domain name?

20 Reasons explains to you what is a domain name ?

1- At the end of the day, a quality domain name will make your business appear more professional online, improve search engine rankings, generate traffic and protect your brand  it can also become a vital virtual brand asset.

2- If you have already created a brand or want certain keywords to be part of your domain name, it's possible that the perfect name will already be taken even if it's not being actively used.

3- Even if you're not starting a business or a blog, you might want to go ahead and buy "your" domain name as in the one that matches your name.

4- In general, you want a domain name that is easy to remember, simple to spell, and captures the essence of your blog (or company) and brand.

5- If you are launching a new blog or have a startup business that needs a domain name, you'll want to choose a domain name that is an exact match for your brand.

6- By understanding domains, TLDs (top-level domains), sub-domains and how to create the best domain name for your blog or business, you give your project the best chance of being found online.

7- Using your name for your domain name is also a good option for bloggers, writers, artists and other creative types who tend to create a brand with their name at the core of it all.

8- You don't want your domain name to end up on any "unintentionally inappropriate domain names" list and there are a lot of such lists out there.

9- If you're really getting stumped coming up with a domain name that is both a good fit for your brand and available, you can check out Wordoid, Lean Domain Search, DomainHole or any other domain generator for help.

10- If you do not want to pay for a premium domain (one that has already been purchased but is for sale), you might need to come up with some creative alternative of your perfect domain name.

11- Your domain name is the branded address people type in to access your website.

12- Give Your Website or Blog a Head Start With a Great Domain Name.

13- So, instead, when coming up with a domain name, you want to think of a name that doesn't define your business with quite as much granularity, such as " ".

14- You never want to rule out the possibility that you'll become famous in your field! In such a case, you'll be super pleased by past-you for having the foresight to buy such a domain name.

15- If someone else already owns the domain name you searched for, interserver will provide a long list of suggestions similar alternatives that are available.

16- Keep this in mind when you start considering which TLD you want to use with your domain name.

17- With a domain name, users are able to access your website.

18- On the flip side, by having a creative, brandable domain name, you'll rise above all the noise and start creating a name that folks will be able to easily recall and recognize.

19- What you want to avoid is choosing a domain name that constricts this development or ends up making it awkward.

20- Thankfully, it's incredibly straightforward to search and see if the domain name you want is available.

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