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1- Unmanaged Dedicated Web Hosting This is an excellent choice for consumers that require more bandwidth, storage, and other server services than are available with free or shared hosting.

2- Although it depends on the specifics of the hosting plan, most server functions, such as PHP or ASP, MySQL, numerous e-mail addresses, and greater bandwidth and storage than a free host, will be readily available to the user.

3- Managed Dedicated Web Hosting So, if you want the power of a dedicated server but don't want to deal with the headache of learning about server administration, this should be the right choice for you.

4- With a dedicated server, the user can build an unlimited number of databases and e-mail accounts, as well as have more bandwidth possibilities.

5- These hosts offer system administration, which is beneficial to customers who do not want to deal with the headaches of running a server with multiple users.

6- Typical dedicated server plans include 500 to 1,000GB of bandwidth per month, and if additional storage is required, a new hard drive for the server can be acquired.

7- If you don't know how to handle this duty, you have two choices: learn how to be a server administrator or simply move on to the next Web Hosting service.

8- The fact that you must be your own server administrator is one of the major drawbacks of having an unmanaged dedicated host for certain users.

9- They usually come with a limited amount of bandwidth and storage, and they don't support MySQL, PHP, numerous e-mail addresses, or site analytics.

10- Shared hosting is the ideal answer for virtually all small businesses, medium to big Web sites, and professional websites.

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