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This AJ Website Design For Handmade Art

AJ Handmade website design is All you would like to form an interesting website for your handmade artisan business is Creator! This beautiful website design has all the arts and crafts, carpentry, pottery, ceramics or tailor websites may require. It comes with a set of highly customizable, predesigned home and inner pages which will be modified to best fit your style. Creator’s set of portfolio layouts is great for showcasing what you are doing best and for introducing your work to your audience. This gorgeous website design also enables you to line up a web shop in no time, so you'll start growing your business in no time!...

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12 Reasons your Handmade Business needs a Website in 2021

#1: Show that you’re serious

A lot of craft businesses are literally “hobby businesses”, where any profits made go toward simply covering your material costs. The marketing and strategy aspects are more relaxed, and you'll not even claim to have a business on your taxes.

If that’s you, then it’s totally fine to stay to Etsy and social media. After all, if you're not selling tons , and you don’t care an excessive amount of about building your own brand within the online handmade space, it doesn’t add up to require the time to line up your own website.

If, however, you would like your handmade business to tug during a serious income for you and your family, then you would like to step it up a touch . Having a well-done website for your business will show your buyers that you simply take it seriously. (And you'll take it seriously, too, and provides it the eye it deserves!)

#2: Showcase what your brand is all about

The ease of fixing Etsy or Facebook is balanced by the very fact that you simply can’t customize your presence on these platforms. While you'll usually upload a logo, profile photo, or a canopy photo, that’s usually where the customization ends.

Why is that this important? Because if you're trying to create a brand, you would like all the weather that make a robust brand: your story, your audience, your voice, and your visual and emotional vibe.

Having your own website will allow you to regulate all of these aspects, while on Etsy and Facebook you look ‘cookie cutter’, a bit like everyone else.

#3: Convey your personality

The number one advantage that you simply , the independent artisan, have over the likes of Anthropologie then on is that you simply are a true person. Not just a few faceless corporation (hmmm… possibly like Etsy or Facebook??)

Having your own website will allow you to have the items that cause you to and your work uniquely YOU – from the colours you select to the fonts to how you choose to steer your visitors around your virtual home and studio.

#4: Customized navigation

If you’ve used Etsy or social media networks, you've got probably have seen that each one of them have limitations on how you'll present your business thereon particular platform.

For instance, have you ever noticed that Instagram only gives you one active link in your profile? That one thing has everyone bending over backwards changing that link to what's most relevant from at some point to subsequent .

With your own website, you'll pick and choose what to showcase also as how, when, and where. You completely control how your visitors interact together with your website (and your brand and business).

#5: you'll create specific Calls to Action

A “Call to Action”, or “CTA”, is simply a flowery way of claiming “Ask your visitors to try to to something”.

Even though you'll use CTAs on any platform (because you'll always just say, “Hey, click on this link” or “Leave me a comment here”), on your own website you actually have free reign to try to to this during a way that creates the foremost sense for a way you wish to attach together with your audience.

For instance, maybe you would like to host a contest, or have your audience leave a testimonial about what it’s wish to work with you. once you build that intent into your website, it becomes a way better experience for your visitors, without them having to leap through hoops to urge around another platform’s limitations.

#6: you'll collect email addresses

An email list is not any doubt the foremost IMPORTANT thing for your business. Why that's can really be an entire other blog post in itself (and actually I’ve written several on my very own site about this topic), but suffice to mention that your list of emails is just about your list of consumers . If you don’t have such an inventory , you in effect don’t have any customers.

Given how important this is often , you'll be shocked to get that you simply can’t easily collect emails on third party platforms. Each platform has very specific and strict rules about this type of thing, and with good cause, as long as anti-spam legislation may be a big deal.

However, once you run your own website, you'll easily put policies in situ that allow you to (legally) collect email addresses and get in touch with customers directly.

#7: Engage with visitors within the way you would like

When you run your own show, so to talk , you'll pick and choose how you would like to interact together with your website visitors. you'll prefer to connect with them through blog post comments, reviews and testimonials, videos, and even live chat.

This is important because the way you build your business relationships is exclusive to you and your business, and will not be dictated by another platform’s rules. you would like to be as authentic in your business as possible and build real relationships.

#8: You own the platform, you create the principles

This is really what it all comes down to: once you own your own website, you'll never be in violation of some arbitrary rules.

Also, you've got the facility to dictate the code of conduct of your visitors. Don’t want to place up with ‘negative Nancys’? Then you don’t need to . (Apologies to any Nancys reading this! Nothing personal, just an expression.)

#9: Nobody can pack up your business

Have you heard those horror stories of individuals getting banned from Etsy or having their Facebook page completely shut down? Those folks have lost all their content, item listings, and client base. In essence, their business has been effectively pack up .

When you have your own website, nobody can ever shut you down. You own your own content, your list of customer emails, and you'll never be in violation of ever-changing Terms of Service. (You are, of course, still bound by the laws of where you reside , but that’s just about it.)

#10: You need a “home base” to send your people to

Your website is quite just like the beating heart of your business. All the roads lead back to your site. Whenever you mention your business to others, you'll give them your own custom, hopefully easy to recall, URL rather than saying something like “just search Etsy for my shop name”.

(Firstly, that sounds highly unprofessional — see reason #1 above — and secondly, people are way too lazy to look on Etsy for a store name they'll or might not remember).

#11: Keep more of your profits

This scenario concerns the difficulty of repeat customers. Once you get a customer on a platform like Etsy or Facebook, your wisest course is to urge that person on your email list (legally, of course, and always with their consent).

When they are able to buy again, they're going to buy from you, and this point , you get to stay more of your own profit because you didn’t need to pay a “finders fee” to Etsy.

#12: It’s not terribly difficult, and costs but you think that

OK, so this is often not really a reason like all the others, but given the benefits for your business to possess a standalone website, i would like to reassure you that building one isn't beyond your skill set or your budget.

It may are the case within the 90’s that you simply had to understand coding or had to shop for expensive software to create websites, but that simply isn't the case anymore. We now have wonderful software that's freely available to assist us build modern websites without one line of code. AJ Agency will help you with such software and therefore the one that i exploit myself and recommend wholeheartedly.

Running the typical website isn't as expensive as you'll think either. In fact, running one website usually costs but $100 per annum . That’s about the value of doing an outside art market twice . Only your website are going to be making sales for you 24/7/365.

All this being said, I’m not discouraging you from operating an Etsy store or shop or being on social media. of these activities are complimentary, and, when used strategically, will assist you grow your business.

As you'll tell, though, I’m an enormous fan of each handmade business owner running their own website. lately having an internet site for your business is not any longer optional. But I understand that if you’ve never considered building your own website it can seem daunting.